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Source: iStock/FotografiaBasica As the battle of the blockchain protocols heats up, builders, buyers and dapp (decentralized software) customers try to determine which of the business gamers would possibly win the race.

7 Oct 2019 The amount of mainnet accounts and new dapp users on EOS grew slower than Ethereum and TRON last quarter, but 40 percent of previous  20 Dec 2019 The Ethereum platform is streets ahead of its competition in terms of dApps and developers according to recent research. Read on. 6 days ago During 2019, Ethereum, Tron, and EOS saw significant growth in terms of dApp adoption. While Ethereum still tops the charts, Tron is making  21 Oct 2019 EOS Knights, one of the leading dApp games across the entire ecosystem, is moving to TRON. Is this a sign of things to come for EOS? 8 Jan 2020 What we did was plot the activity of various dapp categories in terms of their daily usage and daily value for the Ethereum, EOS and TRON  TronBomb. Klaytn Horizon. Infinity Star Exchanges Users 24h. Newdex. EOS. 1,029-8.29% · TronTrade. TRON. 864-8.67% · Kyber. ETH. 358-13.73%. For the communities of Ethereum, EOS and TRON, the creation of the 'killer dApp' is hoped to bring in new converts and introduce crypto to the mass market; the 

TRON announced the latest release of its side chain solution—Sun Network. The upgrade promises “unlimited scaling capacity.” Yet, the data suggests these bold claims could be more marketing-speak than anything else.

While the dApp war between Ethereum, EOS, and Tron continues, Hard Fork has recently taken a closer look at what they actually offer. After analyzing data from DappRadar, they came to the conclusion that most of the most popular dApps that… Deciding which blockchain will be most suitable for a Dapp is the most critical choices EOS and TRON are arguably two of the most hyped blockchain projects and their prize and marketcap have gone up considerably after their ICOs were announced. The latest ranking report shows that EOS, Tron and Ethereum continues to be ranking in top three with scores like 155.7, 146.7 and 142.8 respectively but Bitcoin has been ranked much lower.

Based on data culled from, an on-chain data and analytics platform on July 23, 2019, EOS and TRON blockchains are significantly

TRON is a decentralised blockchain platform with a focus on supporting smart contracts and high throughput. Similar to Ethereum, the TRON blockchain is not  Instantly deploy public or private blockchain networks for Bitcoin, Lightning Network, Ethereum, Plasma, EOS, Stellar & Tron. 3 Oct 2019 EOS has been pretty directionless lately. The 7th Cryptocurrencies price prediction: EOS, Ethereum & TRON - European Wrap - 3 October. r/OntologyNetwork: Ontology is a new high-performance public blockchain project & a distributed trust collaboration platform. Ontology provides new … 30 Oct 2019 EOS ranks first, followed by TRON and Ethereum. XEM and GXChain removed from the CCID's crypto raking index. China's Center for 

24 May 2019 Gambling persists as a primary use case Ethereum, EOS and TRON, with almost half of the top 100 decentralized apps focused around 

10 Oct 2019 Ethereum was called the second generation cryptocurrency due to the ability to create dapps and smart contracts. But low scalability is an 

While the dApp war between Ethereum, EOS, and Tron continues, Hard Fork has recently taken a closer look at what they actually offer. After analyzing data from DappRadar, they came to the conclusion that most of the most popular dApps that…

As of beginning of 2019, projects have a choice between 3 mainstream blockchains: Ethereum (ETH), EOS.IO (EOS) and TRON (TRX). Prior to upcoming Ethereum Forks, I would like to make an overview of these for future reference. From a dire forecast for both Bitcoin and XRP to the Ethereum-EOS-Tron battle for crown of decentralized apps, here's a look at some of the stories breaking in the world of crypto. But, it was struggling with the scalability issues and solution of Ethereum problems are long after provided by TRON and EOS. Both are the great competitor of the market and competing with each other to acquire the most decentralized market. TokenPocket is a trusted multi-chain wallet that supports multi coins. You can store, send and receive your Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), EOS, TRON (TRX), IOST, Cosmos and Biance (BNB) easily. Ethereum vs EOS vs Tron vs other. Which smart contract blockchain is the most popular? How do you measure activity? There are several ways to measure activitEOS vs Ethereum vs TRON - Which Is Best? In-Depth Review, EOS, and TRON are all blockchain platforms designed to support smart contracts and Dapps. But which is best? We measure 7 key metrics to find out. The most recent dapp statistics show cryptocurrency gamblng apps are all the rage on Ethereum's rival blockchains EOS and TRON. Though EOS, TRON, and Ethereum all are focused on the same goal, they have a different approach for shaping their goal into reality. In this write up we will compare EOS and TRON, because of their recent superiority over Ethereum in…

Most of you reading this probably have one preferred blockchain of choice, and likely think that the other two chains in this list are run by a bunch of…